RSA – Bringing your idea’s to life

RSA – Bringing your ideas to life
with our unique concepts designs
‘Anything is possible!’

rsa-bringing-ideas-to-lifeResearch & Explore
What are we trying to solve? What is the aim?
Why is it important? Does the product have any
contradictions that must be worked with or solved?
What systems and functions are needed to make it
work? We help you to explore the full scope of your
product. We look at existing and similar products,
and study available online reviews to find out what
people like and dislike.

Our research is evaluated carefully. If we have
identified design contradictions, we consider all
aspects and employ various techniques and use to
propose solutions – e.g. the product must be big but
small. Which is the most important? Can we achieve
both? The output from this process is a specification
for the functions of the product that can be updated
as required via the live project tool.

Interactive Design
This is where we rapidly evolve the design bringing
it closer to the specification with iteration cycles.
Each cycle consists of planning, doing, studying and
reviewing. Using sketches, 3D CAD and building
prototypes, we are able to identify further issues
and understand all aspects of user interactions
with the product. If we realise through this process
that a product has to alter, we promptly apply the
changes and update our client with reasoning for our
decisions and suggestions. When the agreed targets
are met, we can step out of the cycles and move


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